Khomanani Day celebrated in Lawaaikamp

Khomanani Day

The George Municipality annually celebrates Khomanani Day. This year, it handed food parcels and blankets to HIV/Aids support groups that positively impact the fight against HIV/Aids by promoting community action and awareness.

The day was celebrated on Friday, 26 October at the Lawaaikamp Community Centre. A wellness programme was organised. It also included motivational speeches, and personal pampering by the Homebase Carers and Peer Educators of the George Municipality.

Ald Melvin Naik, said “in celebrating Khomanani Day, we are reminded of the shared responsibility that we have to care for one another- be there for one another – support and reach out to each other.”

Naik also appealed to all to support and intensify the challenge to fight and overcome the HIV/Aids and related illnesses.

“We cannot be spectators in this fight – let us care together,” Naik said.

Khomanani Day shows George Municipality cares

The chairperson of the George Local Aids Council, Choice Somagaca was the programme director of the day. Meanwhile, Cllr Shahied Rooiland did the welcoming.

Cllr Sean Snyman, Portfolio Councillor for Social Development, gave a background of the day. He said, “Khomanani, simply put means, We Care!

“George Municipality cares, your family cares, those that support you care and we are tasked to ensure that you care.”

Ald Naik thanked all the support groups for their good work. He also handed over food parcels and blankets to show the Municipality do care.

Cllr Clarlotte Clarke, George Municipality Executive Deputy Mayor, thanks all involved in the event. That is including members of the community, all departments, and non-profit organisations for helping fight the HIV pandemic.

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