Local Drug Action Committee on its way

Local Drug Action Committee

George Municipality together with the Department of Social Development is in the process of establishing a Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC).

“The first meeting and workshop was held on Friday at the Department of Health,” said spokesperson, Chantel Edwards-klose.

“Initiating a workable and holistic approach to curbing alcohol and drug abuse in our communities is the first step to reclaim our communities back.”

Portfolio Councillor Community and Social Development, Sean Snyman, said that huge steps are being taken in the right direction towards formulating a uniformed approach to addressing the situation regarding both alcohol and substance abuse.

“The fact that all the departments, from local and provincial government, together with national institutions can now take hands with business, NGO’s, and relevant role players can and will go a long way to instituting programmes which will be aimed at the key focus areas of the program namely Supply, Demand, Treatment and Care.”

Next Drug Action Committee meeting

The next meeting will take place on the 25th January 2019. All NGO`s, government departments and members of the community as well as faith based institutions who want to make a positive change in addressing the social ills of our communities, are also welcome to attend the meeting.

Consequently, Estelle Fredericks can be contacted for more information on this initiative at George Municipality 044 802 2000.

Back row: Yusif Kleynhans, Department of Health; Andre de Swardt, Department of Justice; Unit Appels, Department of Health; Cllr Sean Snyman;  Sandra Smith, Department of Health, Ingrid Phooko, Department of Social Development;  Anzil Lawrance, Department of Social Development. Middle row: Adam Buys, Department of Education; Gert Pietersen, Department of Social Development; Wilhelmina Fortuin, Department of Health; Estelle Fredericks, George Municipality and Chantelle Pepper,  Department of Social Development. Front eoq: Masizakhe Mketa, Department of Social Development;  Zonnica Scheepers, SANCA; Henry Bailey, SANCA; Funiswa Neti, Department of Social Development, Chanell Meyer, Department of Social Development.

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