Firearms seized following Elsies River shooting incident

Elsies River

Police seized four firearms and ammunition following a shooting incident that happened in  Elsies River, Cape Town, over the weekend.

“Our operational endeavours to address gang violence in this province resulted in four firearms being seized on Saturday night in Elsies River,” said police spokesperson, Lt Col Andre Traut.

“Members of our Tactical Response Team responded to a shooting incident in Avonwood, Elsies River. They managed to restore peace with their presence.

“The area was searched in an attempt to apprehend those responsible for firing the gunshots.”

Police investigating Elsies River shooting incident

Lt Col Traut said that although no one was arrested, the search recovered four firearms. This comprised four pistols and a revolver, as well as an assortment of ammunition.

“We will also continue our efforts in the gang affected areas to root out the phenomena of violence and the stronghold that gang members believe they have.”

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