Western Cape dam levels drop

Western Cape dam levels

Western Cape dam levels continue to decrease due to soaring temperatures that trigger high rates of evaporation.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation is calling on all water users to apply extra caution when using water during this period, as excessive use might cause a strain to the system,” said Departmental, spokesperson, Sputnik Ratau.

According to the Department of Water and Sanitation’s weekly dam level monitoring report this week, major dams’ levels are decreasing slightly instead of increasing, raising a concern.

“The Western Cape Water Supply System has decreased from 55.51% to 54% this week. However, this figure is relatively better in comparison to last year when the system was at 23.70%,” Ratau said.

“Theewaterskloof dam, the largest dam in the system is at 41.88% against 10.84 last year.

“Clanwilliam is at 37.47% compared to 9.74 at the same time last year; Voelvlei is at 67.47% and Misverstand dam is at 80.21%. The combined average for the Western Cape dam level is 41.94%.”

He said that while the Province expects its rainfall in the winter season, water users are reminded that where water restrictions are in place, such restrictions must be adhered to.

“To avoid the devastating water challenges in the province all water users are urged to be responsible when using water as indicated above. We all need to use every drop wisely so that agriculture and the economy broadly is not negatively affected.”

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