700 rounds, cellphones, sim cards and laptops seized in Nyanga


While following up on a case of a truck that was hijacked on 06 December in Bishop Lavis members of the Provincial Anti-Hijacking Team arrested a 28-year-old woman after they recovered 797 9mm live rounds, five cellular telephones and a laptop in Boys town, Crossroads, Nyanga.

“The cell phones and the lap top are suspected to be some of the valuables that were stolen from the truck which was recovered in Delft,” said police spokesperson, Captain FC Van Wyk.

“The woman is the girlfriend of the suspect that is wanted in connection with the hijacking.

“Prior to this recovery the team visited the suspect’s home in Zwelitsha, Nyanga, and recovered cell phones, 19 CELL C sim cards and a WiFi.”

Suspect also wanted for Nyanga hijackings

This suspect is also wanted in other recent hijackings which had occurred in the Nyanga Cluster.

“Once charged, she is due to appear in court for the illegal possession of ammunition as well as possession of stolen property.”

The members were applauded for their efforts in the fight against crime especially in saving lives because a lot of innocent people would have been killed with these rounds.

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