Boating rules and regulations on the Klein River – Safety First

Klein River

Safety is always important, and especially so with the festive season that is upon us.  It is therefore time for the annual river rules reminder to promote a safe and enjoyable leisure experience for all Klein River users.

“The Klein River Association of Boating (KRAB), in collaboration with Overstrand Municipality,  is tasked with the management of the Du Toit Street slipway, the issuing of annual and day permits, and the control of behaviour on the river within the municipal boundary and beyond, as far as the proclaimed bird sanctuary between the river and the lagoon.

“Speed restrictions “DEAD SLOW – NO WAKE” will once again be in place from Stanford Village as far as the sharp left hand bend under the power line at Walshacres and also around the sharp corner at Middelburg Farm as indicated on the map on the back of the permits and by signage on the water.

“This will be strictly enforced – as usual – and transgressions will result in the withdrawal of permits from transgressors,” explains spokesperson, Riana Steenkamp.

She says day permits, restricted to two per day over 15hp and two per day under 15hp will once again be available from Stanford Info from 09:30 daily, and day permit boats must be removed from the river by 17:30.

“A valid skipper’s ticket and a boat Certificate of Fitness must be produced for all boats over 15hp in order to be issued with a day permit.

“Inboard engine powered boats are not permitted due to the disruptive size of the wake generated by these craft,” Steenkamp said.

“Additionally, Jet Skis are banned, as is the case on all inland waters in the Western Cape.

“ALL watercraft, regardless of motive power, MUST keep to the right hand side of the river at all times. This is nationally legislated, is vital to river users’ safety and will be strictly enforced this season.

“KRAB will be assisted in this regard by Overstrand’s Law Enforcement patrol craft.”

Boating rules and regulations on the Klein River

Please note that no power boats are permitted in the bird sanctuary between the river and the lagoon, no boats may access the lagoon via this area, and boats may also not access the river from the lagoon, Steenkamp describes.

“This year, due to the high water levels, ESKOM have issued a notice prohibiting the use of any watercraft (yachts) with masts on the Klein River. This is due to the risk of contact with overhead power lines,” she adds.

“All power boats will have clearly visible orange, numbered 2019 stickers on both sides for easy identification in the event of complaints, which can be lodged with Clive Pearce on 079 766 4900, Adriaan Swart on 079 117 9174, or via the Incident Book held at Stanford Info.”

The KRAB Committee, as usual, welcomes input from river users, whether in the form of queries, comments or legitimate complaints, and we wish all our permits holders and river users a peaceful and pleasure-filled holiday season on the river.

For details on the precautions and rules applicable to river usage during the forthcoming season, please visit the Overstrand website, click on Documents/Strategic Documents/Environmental Management Services/Estuary Management/Kleinriver Zonation and Boating bylaw

Note, too, that boating activities at Maanschynbaai and Prawn Flats will also be monitored, and that strict rules and safety regulations will be enforced there too.

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