Hi-profile Muizenberg gang leaders arrested


Police say that following a significant increase in murders and attempted murder cases within the Muizenberg and Steenberg Policing precinct, they arrested several gang leaders.

“Intelligence gathered linked members of the “26” Junky Funky Kids (JFK’s) to these serious and violent cases,” described Captain FC Van Wyk.

“Various individuals within this Gang structure were identified and also discovered to be repeat offenders and solely responsible for multiple murder and attempted murder cases.”

One such gang member was identified as Lyle Montego Silver (24), alias Trompie, who is a member and shooter for the 26 JFK Gang situated within Hill View.

After Investigation, he was positively linked to the following cases:

1.         Muizenberg : Business Robbery,
2.         Muizenberg : Murder,
3.         Muizenberg : Murder,
4.         Muizenberg : Attempted Murder (x2), and
5.         Muizenberg : Murder (x2).

He was arrested on Wednesday and appeared in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court on above mentioned charges.

“He abandoned his bail application and the matter was postponed to 17 January 2019 for further investigation and centralization of cases as well as the institution of POCA (Prevention of Organized Crime Act) charges.”

Silver remains in custody.

“Other individuals attached to the 26 JFK Gang were arrested and further apprehension of identified individuals linked to multiple murder and attempted murder cases will follow,” Captain Van Wyk said.

Another high-profile suspect arrested

Another suspect, Anderson Koeberg (27), alias Bougard, was identified as the possible leader and shooter of the 26 JFK Gang in Muizenberg.

Similarly, he apparently operated between Muizenberg and Steenberg Policing precinct.

After investigation, he was also positively linked to the following cases:

6.         Muizenberg : Murder (x2),
7.         Steenberg : Possession of a Hijaked vehicle,
8.         Steenberg : Murder (x2),
9.         Steenberg : Attempted Murder (x2),
10.       Steenberg : Murder (of an 1-year old child), and
11.       Steenberg : Attempted Murder (x9).

This perpetrator was formally charged on Friday last week and appeared in both Wynberg and Muizenberg Magistrates Court on Monday.

“The matter was postponed to the 23rd of November to appear in Muizenberg Magistrates Court for Legal Counsel.”

He also remains in custody.

Meanwhile, police are urging anyone with any information about cases to contact Colonel Eddie Clark Unit Commander: OCI: Project Investigations on 082 469 1531.

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