New transfer station for Uniondale

New transfer station for Uniondale

The George Municipal Environmental Services division last week handed over the site for the building of the new Uniondale transfer station.

Executive Deputy Mayor and Portfolio Councillor for Environmental Services Charlotte Clarke said “we are facing many challenges regarding waste management as well as recycling in the George Municipal area. Therefore I am pleased with this project which is long overdue.”

She thanked Aurecon who will facilitate the contract and Artcon that was appointed the contractor.

Clarke said the transfer station will alleviate many of the problems experienced at the George landfill site and will mean a lot to the people of Uniondale in terms of environmental health.

New transfer station for  Uniondale

The project is expected to finish by the end of June 2019. Refuse for Uniondale and Haarlem and surrounding areas will be stored at the transfer station and then transferred to George for disposal at the regional landfill site.

According to Walter Hendricks, Director Community Services, all household, business, organic and green waste will be handled at the station in Uniondale.

He said the existing landfill site which is situated right next to the transfer station must be decommissioned and closed.

Hendricks noted that  the benefits of a transfer station are that there is no landfill site polluting the soil, it creates a healthier environment which encourages recycling and waste will be minimised.

Photo: Stakeholders in the establishment of the Uniondale transfer station are from left, Elias Draghoender (Environmental Services), Janine Fernold (Environmental Services), Louis de Beer (Artcon Construction), Ward Councillor of Ward 25 Jarques Esau, Executive Deputy Mayor and Portfolio Councillor for Environmental Services Charlotte Clarke, Walter Hendricks, Director Community Services and Johan du Preez, Manager: Uniondale and Haarlem areas.

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