George Municipality 2018 Lights Festival, Emo Adams to appear

2018 Lights Festival

The planning for the 2018 Lights Festival hosted annually by George Municipality is  totally switched on this year with the fantastic news that well-known Emo Adams will be the star of the programme.

The talented Adams is best known for his roles in District 6, the musical and recently released his first cd “Tall, Dark & Afrikaans” which combines tasteful Afrikaans lyrics together with his fresh take on music and melodies.

The 2018 Lights Festival will take place this year on Saturday 8th December with a children’s programme starting at 2pm with rumoured appearances by Daantjie Kat, Georgie and Smartie, and a variety of entertainment planned for the afternoon.

An events planning committee has been hard at work with all the background details and logistics.

“The aim of the Lights Festival is to thank the citizens of George for their continued support of the George Municipality and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

“We are working hard at ensuring the programme for the event is as diverse and entertaining as possible,” said Iona Kritzinger Portfolio Councillor for Strategic Services and Chairperson of the Events Committee.

For the 2018 Lights Festival, the following roads will be closed as of 12pm on Saturday the 8th December: York Street between Hibernia / Langehoven and Courtenay Streets as well as a portion of Cathedral Street in order to ensure the safety of all.

George Municipality 2018 Lights Festival preparations

Directional signage will be in place.

You may have noticed our Electro-technical department officials working all hours on repairing the various festive lights in the main roads.

The main event – the switching on of the Festive Season Lights will take place at 8pm following an address by the Executive Mayor of George, Melvin Naik.

Thereafter, the 2018 Lights Festival kicks into high gear with a full 60 minute set from Emo Adams.

A number of stalls will be available throughout the day from 2pm and Stall traders must take note that the closing date for applications is the 16th November. Contact Rosina Munro at the Economic Development Division on (044) 801 9099 or Email

Note: Further details on the Stage Programme and the Children’s Programme for the day will be communicated to the media and will be available on the George Municipal Facebook page and website.

Biography of Emo Adams

Born and raised in the heart of the Cape Flats, Mitchells Plein, Emo Adams celebrates his birthday on the 9 April 1978. Being the younger sibling of only two sons, his childhood years were filled with the sound of harmonies & song, strongly influenced by his musically inclined father and the musical talent of his elder brother.

At the tender age of 9, Emo was cast to play the role of a homeless street child in the well renowned production “District 6 The Musical”, written and produced by David Kramer and the late Taliep Pertersen. It was here, at this young age where his love for theatre and his journey into the world of the performing arts began.

Spending most of his teenage years singing along to the melodies of the Malay Choirs and annually performing with these harmonious choirs as part of his Malay cultural background, music and melodies became an infectious part of his life.

On completion of his high school career at Spine Road High, Mitchells Plein, he embarked on furthering his education when he enrolled at Boston House College. He soon discovered that his passion for performing was ultimately where his heart lies.

In 1996, along with 3 friends & his brother, Luqmaan, the guys formed a 5 member boy band called JAG. The singing sensation JAG soon became popular in and around the Cape, PE and JHB for their perfect harmonies and entertaining live performances. Although JAG still perform together as a group, Emo has over the years managed to ensemble a rich history of drama, dance, music and theatre.

In 2001, he once again was cast in the production ‘District 6 The Musical’, where he this time round played the role of “Sophia” a dynamic glamorous drag queen.

In 2000 Emo traveled extensively to Germany as part of the cast of David Kramer & the late Taliep Petersen’s Lawrence Olivier award winning production ‘Kat & the Kings” where he played the role of a young singing sensation Kat Daimond.

On being cast in the huge Bollywood production ‘Fusion” which was staged at the Globe Theatre in Jhb in 2006, Emo showcased his immense talent and flexibility in performing indian song and dance in an all traditional Bollywood style.

Among the many theatre productions, he also played a lead role in the KYKNET television series “Alie Barber”, making guest appearances on the “Liriekeraai” musical game show and was recently seen as a guest on SABC 2 music show Noot Vir Noot.

Earlier this year he performed alongside the talented Mynie Grové and many other Afrikaans artists at the annual KKNK Fees in Outdshoorn. He then headed to the rural town of Clan William where he auditioning local young school kids & spent weeks producing & directing a musical production, sponsored by ABSA, as part of the 2007 Cederberg Festival.

His latest endeavors include the release of his first cd “Tall, Dark & Afrikaans” which combines tasteful Afrikaans lyrics together with his fresh take on music and melodies.

His witticism, sharp tongue, energy and playful nature have captured the smiles and laughter of young and old entertained by this artist. In typical Emo style, the album is certain to appeal to all listeners who are sure to relish in his magical talent.

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