Ravensmead police secure justice after teen gunned down

Jason Rohde

The Western Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General KE Jula, commended the investigating officers, Detective Captain Randall Beets and Detective Sergeant Riaan September for their dedication in ensuring gang members were removed from Ravensmead community.

General Jula further appreciated the community for assisting the SAPS with information in solving the case.

“This sentencing is an indication of the high priority placed by SAPS on our investigations into priority crimes, such as crimes perpetrated against children who died in gang violence,” said police spokesperson, Captain FC Van Wyk.

“On 2016-09-28, Leo Dominick, a 15-year-old, Grade 11 learner at Elsies River High School, was fatally wounded as he fled from the gunfire.

“The teenager was caught in a crossfire just before midday in the street, near his home in Europa Link, Eureka Estate, Ravensmead.”

Dominick was apparently standing at the gate of his friend’s home when shots were fired and people ran for cover.

“He ran into his friend’s house where he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and died on the scene.”

Within two weeks, four suspects, who are members of the “26” Bad Rush gang, were arrested on a charge of murder and other related charges.

Hefty sentences for Ravensmead gangsters

Sentencing handed down are as follows:

Accused 1:     Rodrigo Coetzee (26 years old)

– Life sentence for murder

– Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA) – 6 years (Gang member)

– Attempted murder – 10 years

– Possession of firearm – 10 years

– Malicious Damage to Property – 5 years

Accused 2:     Emelio Walters (23 years old)

– POCA Act – 6 years (Gang member)

– Possession of firearm – 10 years

– Malicious Damage to Property – 5 years

Accused 3:      Jamien Links (23 years old)

-POCA Act – 6 years (Gang member)

Accused 4:     Taswill du Preez (27 years old)

-Life sentence for murder

-POCA Act – 6 years (Gang member)

-Attempted murder – 10 years

-Possession of firearm – 10 years

-Malicious Damage to Property – 5 years

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