Mitchells Plain duo arrested with illegal firearms

Mitchells Plain

The Anti-Gang Unit is making headway in disarming criminals and arrested two armed suspects in Mitchells Plain.

“On Tuesday morning, at around 10:45, members attached to Anti-Gang Unit pursued a tipoff of a suspect, who was armed in Kardow Street, Mitchells Plain.

“Upon police arrival, the 32-year-old man made a brief attempt to flee the area,” said police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut.

“However, his luck ran out and he was arrested in possession of an unlicensed 9mm pistol. He also had three rounds of ammunition.”

Another Mitchells Plain man busted

The members of the AGU also conducted a search operation at a residence in Kardow Street.

“A 35-year-old suspect was also arrested with a prohibited .38 revolver. He also had 51 rounds of ammunition firearm and a small quantity of drugs.”

Both suspects are scheduled to make a court appearance in on Thursday to face the charges against them.

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