Agency One will help you land on Page One of a Google search

agency one

Agency One is a full service advertising agency that specialises in advertising, design, web, copywriting and digital marketing.

Graeme Lund, managing Director of Agency One, says, “Our team has great mix of technical, business and creative skill. We have a lot of business savvy and help businesses develop a strng brand and increase their revenue.”

The team at Agency One have many years of experience with particular focus on the tourism, entertainment and leisure industry.

Digital Marketing

Graeme adds, “What most businessmen don’t realise is that over 60% of new business comes from a Google search result.  People use a Google search every day to find information or service providers for themselves or for their organisation but often don’t have their own businesses geared to register on a Google search.”

“Without a strong web presence, particularly a website that has good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a Google Business Listing, a business will lose market share to a competitor who has,” adds Graeme.

Although Agency One is a full service advertising agency, they have a particularly strong knowledge in digital marketing and a series of tools and services to assists companies develop a strong web presence.

Agents for high-quality backlink and citation generating websites

Where most advertising agencies can develop and efficient website for their clients, Agency One is able to help its clients rise to the first page of a Google search for their business name and for their industry.

“One of our key skills is that we are able to generate very good content for our client’s websites and we are able to publish articles on highly reputable websites such as RNEWS, Business Link, Home Food and Travel and Kids Connection that contain numerous backlinks and citations for our clients websites,” says Graeme.

Agency One can be contacted at 082 556 4043 or email [email protected]

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