Guide dog enjoys his day at the beach

guide dog

George Law Enforcement recently received a letter of appreciation from the owner of a guide dog.

Wilhelm Van Deventer, who visited Victoria Bay with Webster this weekend, had only positive feedback for the George law enforcement officials that assisted him on the day.

“Throughout this whole past week we only experienced positive co-operation and reactions from shops, restaurants, banks and the general public.

“Could you please be so kind as to share this with the relevant people in Law Enforcement so that they can perhaps share it with their personnel as a sign of gratitude and encouragement,” said Mr Van Deventer.

Guide dog enjoys his day at the beach

There are four categories of guide dogs:

  1. Guide dogs that are the eyes of the blind;
  2. Service dogs that are trained to assist people with particular physical disabilities;
  3. Social dogs that engage with , for example autistic children;
  4. Support dogs for people who are deaf or living with epilepsy.

All guide and service dogs wear a jacket indicating their function and are professionally bred, trained and registered by the Guide Dog Association (GDA) and have a legal right of access to all public places and spaces.

George Municipality, including all tourism offices, beaches and the universally accessible GO GEORGE bus service welcome guide dogs.

“George continually works towards ensuring that facilities are disabled-friendly and universally accessible. The Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge for 2019 is a shining example of this and will be held this year on the 12th May.

“The event has been expanded to include a week of disabled-friendly sporting codes including wheelchair rugby, goalball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, blind cricket, bocce and golf leading up to the grand finale,” said Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha.

Photo caption: Webster  the guide dog enjoying the beach at Victoria Bay with his owner Wilhelm Van Deventer.

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