Below-average 2018 rainfall for Greater Hermanus

Greater Hermanus

It seems as if residents and visitors to Greater Hermanus supported Overstrand Municipality’s water-saving campaign exceptionally well during December.

“Over the December 2018 holiday period, the level of the De Bos dam dropped by 5.7%, as opposed to the drop of 8.3% experienced in the same period in 2015, before the drought struck and water restrictions were implemented.

“The De Bos Dam level was at 58.3% by end December 2018, compared to 56.7% at end December 2017, and 87.9% at end December 2016,” said Riana Steenekamp, spokesperson for the Overstrand Municipality.

“The total water demand in Hermanus for December 2018 was 413.9 Mega litres, compared to 495.6 Mega litres in December 2016, before the drought started.”

In expressing his thanks to everyone who contributed to these results, Mayor Dudley Coetzee said he counts on continued support, and undertakes to bring about relief as soon as the water situation returns to normal.

“The total rainfall measured during 2018 in Hermanus was 520 mm, resulting in 2018 being the 4th consecutive year with below average rainfall.  The long term average rainfall for Hemanus is 620mm per year,” Steenkamp said.

“Total rainfall measured in 2015 was 510 mm, in 2016 it was 526 mm, with 502 mm measured in 2017.”

Level 2 water restrictions remain for Greater Hermanus

She added that, according to the records of rainfall measured at the municipal offices in Hermanus since 1936, the five years with the lowest rainfall to date were 1973 (365 mm), 1969 (446 mm), 1988 (464 mm), 1975 (468 mm), and 2000 (494 mm).

“At this stage, the level 2 water restrictions, including the first level of water saving tariffs, have to be maintained,” Steenkamp said.

“Properties with even numbered addresses may water their gardens for maximum one hour, only on Wednesdays, and uneven numbered properties for one hour, only on Tuesdays.

“No watering may be done between 9:00 and 17:00 on any of these days.  Washing of vehicles and hard surfaces with a hose pipe using municipal water is still not allowed.”

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