Team Focus – Leadership through Culture


It takes all types of leaders to grow a company. And, the type of leaders is directly relational to the type of company and its business cycle. To have effective teams, you need effective leaders.

According to Team Dynamics Consulting, based in Cape Town, this comes down to company culture. And, further, company culture leads to leadership culture. They are very closely related and one cannot work without the other.

But, how to lead through culture?


Take into account where the company is going, what their goals are, and make sure that all are in the know.


So many ideas – so many thought patterns – so many ways of doing one thing- how will we bring it all together so it works well?

Defining roles – aligning skills and drives – defining who works independently – who works interdependently – who is capable of each of these – yet still with the same goal and end result in mind?


Is everyone committed to producing the best work possible – along the same path? Are we willing to accept the leader’s decisions – only questioning when it means a plus towards the greater good? Are we committed to this project and this team?

Heavy questions to ask but in the pursuit of a cultural leadership, we must consider all these and more.

Team Dynamics Consulting is a consulting firm who help corporates take their teams from good to great!

They are all about maximizing the Individual and the Teams Potential as well as Increasing Productivity!

“We assess the underlying team dynamics; strengths and weaknesses, resistance and obstacles to change or goal setting, and non-alignment to the company mission and vision”, says Ann Baret, one of the founders and members. “Effective results and flow is achieved when a team’s natural energy is balanced and aligned to the company vision.”

Team Dynamics create a cohesive, transparent work environment as teams understand each other as well as clear accountability in teams and individuals to achieve the company goals.

Ann and her team also work with businesses in the recruiting of new team members in order to build a highly engaged productive team.

Some of their clients include; Land Rover, Sanlam, Monsanto, Indigo New Media, Alpha Power Solutions and Nationlink Plattekloof.

If you’re keen to give your team a boost, reach out to Team Dynamics Consulting today.

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