The right people – are you hiring smartly?

right people

Do you find that your office is like a conveyor belt – pushing employees in and spitting them out the other side? Do you find that before you have blinked, one employee is out and another is walking in? Is your churn high? You may not be hiring the right people!

If retention is a problem in your business, you need to consider the reasons why.

According to Cameron Burt of Business Doctor’s Milnerton in Cape Town. you should be focusing on a few key areas – if addressed well, you could be looking at recruiting the perfect employees.

Here are those key elements to consider for the right people fit –

1. Culture Fit

Make sure that the candidate fits in with your company culture. Your values and the way you want the business to run needs to match with the candidate’s values and work ethic. A mismatched value culture will see them walking out the door in no time.

2. The Right People’s Aspirations

Do their aspirations fit with where the company is going? Do their words tell you that they want the best for the company and are they willing to grow with the business? If not, then it may be time to either sit them down and find out why they don’t have the same goals as your organisation or look to not hiring them.

3. Look at their past

The candidate’s history can tell you a lot about their future. If there is a pattern, find it, good or bad. A little stalking is necessary – LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – YouTube – wherever they may be public – you can tell a lot about someone through these social channels.

4. Let them job shadow before hiring

Often, having the candidate at your offices for a few days can help you evaluate them and suss out if they are a good fit. You can see first hand just what they are made of. Give them tasks to do that are not necessarily pleasant but will bring out their true character and skill set.

5. Get a second and third opinion

Sometimes you can be too close to see the truth, so get others opinions. References is a start. And, dig deeper to those people not on their resume as references. There is a reason they are not listed there.

Your employees can make or break your business so the recruitment process is a vital part.

While Business Doctors Milnerton, headed up by Cameron Burt, we are not in HR or recruitment business, they do know that looking after your employees and hiring the right people is part of running your business.

They know business.

And, if you’re keen to chat with Cameron about your business and how you can grow it further, you can reach him right here.

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