Timbu.com to hire 1,000 South Africans in the next three months


According to the South African department of statistics data currently shows that:

      👨‍💻       29.0% of the South African population is currently unemployed. 

      👩‍💻       The youth population make up 55.2% of this population.

      👩‍💻       Youths are turning to remote jobs.

      👨‍💻       The youthful population are best suited to tech-related work 

Keeping this in mind, Timbu.com is an international online travel agency and are looking to launch into Africa, starting by expanding into South Africa. Due to the technical nature of their services they are seeking individuals with technical expertise in software, marketing, and logistics. “We are looking to hire 1,000 South Africans in the next three months, to achieve this goal we are spending $500,000.” On July the 16th the announcement was made during a meeting with top officials and shareholders during a company meeting. 

What does Timbu.com offer?

The services that Timbu.com provides involves a lot of technical expertise, and these services require technical skills and knowledge. 

With the unprecedented boom in the tech industry, and more people taking interest in visiting exciting destination and having adventures; the decision to hire more people, is all part of our plan to increase productivity; as well as to provide excellent service to our customers. We at Timbu.com felt that this is a move in the right direction‘ the Head of Growth at Timbu.com Victor Rowland was quoted as saying. 

This development which is mainly aimed at the youthful population of South Africa is expected to inject more jobs into the South African labour force,  as well as battle the unemployment rate in the country. The move is expected to take effect from August 2019.

Interested applicants can apply here.

They are here to recruit

Timbu.com. is the fastest growing online travel booking agency in Africa that serves more than 2,000 unique visitors to the site daily. Visitors can book flights, apply for visas, book hotels in their destination country and even get transportation to move around the cities. 

For more information please visit https://timbu.com/#. Or email us at [email protected].

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