Bargain Buys helps build brands and increase SEO

Bargain Buys

Bargain Buys is a voucher, daily deal or coupon, online discount store.  Customers can buy hugely discounted holidays, restaurant meals, spa visits as well as a host of discounted fun activities online.

From the consumer point of view, Bargain Buys works in a manner similar to Groupon or Daddy’s Deals.  However, from the point of view of the business proving the “deal”, it is far more effective.

Having started in 2009, Bargain Buys is now ten years old and operates country wide (read more).

Bringing new customers through the door

Graeme Lund, owner and developer of Bargain Buys, says, “There are a number of major reasons why businesses should be working with Bargain Buys.  One of the reasons is that, in the same manner as the other voucher or coupon companies, we bring new feet through the door for our service providers.  If a person has a loyalty to a particular service provider we offer them an incentive, through a huge discount, to try a different service provider.”

In the process of selling the vouchers Bargain Buys markets the service provider extensively.

“We only work with reputable service providers and our customers have grown to trust that any business for whom Bargain Buys sells vouchers, will offer a great service,” adds Graeme.

A highly effective marketing campaign

Graeme says that where they differ from other coupon or voucher companies is that Bargain Buy offers other marketing services that other coupon companies cannot offer.  This is because there business model involves trading a highly effective marketing campaign for vouchers or coupons from the service provider.

“Our marketing campaign does four things – it provides a host of backlinks which increases the Search Engine Optimisation of our clients online presence,  it provides their business with a citation which improves their ranking on a Google Maps search result, it gives them very a very good public relations campaign and it results in a steady stream of orders independent of Bargain Buys,” says Graeme

Consumer surveys reveal that over 60% of new business is generated through Google and other search engine results.  Over 50% of people use a search engine such as Google to find a product or service that they need on a daily basis.

“If your company is not ranking on a Google search then you are losing business to your competitors that are on the first page of a Goggle search.  Thanks to our Bargain Buys business model we help our customers radically improve their Search Engine Optimisation,” concludes Graeme.

To find out more about Bargain Buys call 082 556 4043, email them at [email protected] or visit them at

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