Overstrand residents urged to register solar panels or face fines

solar panels

Since the implementation of Overstrand Municipality’s Guidelines for Small Scale Embedded Generation – solar panels, in July 2016, numerous applications have been received and interest is still growing.

“Illegal connections are however prevalent.

“The Overstrand Guidelines for Small Scale Embedded Generation gives all consumers with SSEG installations the opportunity to apply for a grid-tied or off-grid connection,” explains Overstrand Municipality spokesperson, Riana Steenekamp.

“Grid-tied means that these consumers apply for municipal approval, install a bidirectional meter and then have the opportunity to be compensated for each unit fed-back into the municipal grid at an annually approved municipal tariff.

“The most important thing to keep in mind however is, you need to be a NET consumer. This means that you may not put back more units into the grid than you use from it.

“All owners of solar panels (grid-tied or off-grid) are urged to have it registered or face a possible fine of R3 831.00.”

Overstrand Municipality by-law forces customers to have solar panels registered

She said regulations set out in the electricity supply by-law of the Overstrand Municipality forces customers to have their solar panels registered with and authorised by Overstrand Municipality.

“Overstrand is legally required to ensure that the electricity distributed to all its customers complies with set quality standards.

“In order to do this, we need to know where generation systems have been connected to the grid,” Steenkamp said.

“Unauthorised PV systems could interfere with the electricity supply, electricity demand management and future network planning.

“Connecting a SSEG system to the grid can also pose a safety risk to electricity maintenance staff and can also be a fire risk to your household if done incorrectly.

“Furthermore, future insurance claims may be jeopardised if unauthorised systems are operated.”

She added the Overstrand Municipality has the right to disconnect the main supply of electricity to properties with unregistered SSEG systems.

Tamper fees for the current 2018/19 financial year are as follow:

E14 ILLEGAL CONNECTION / TAMPERING FEE ( Including damage or bypass of the DSM Hot Water Cylinder Control Unit)
E14A1 1st Offence R 3 831.00 No vat
E14A2 2nd Offence (E14A1 x 2) R 7 661.00 No vat
E14A3 3rd Offence and re –occurance (Disconnection of services and remedial fee = double previous offence fee) R Previous offence amount x 2 Applicable vat


How does the compensation work?

The client will pay for the installation of a bidirectional meter as per the annual approved municipal tariffs.

Consumers currently on credit meter tariffs will remain unchanged and prepaid consumers will be converted back to credit meter tariffs.

A standard household SSEG account will reflect the following: (Not time of use)

  • Basic monthly service charge
  • Monthly Infrastructure charge
  • Consumption costs as per block tariffs
  • Total units fed back into the municipal grid x approved tariff (credited)
E18 Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG)
  This tariff is available only for approved SSEG connections, where the customers offset their small scale generation (kWh) against purchases from the Municipality, provided that their purchases exceed their generation (kWh). This tariff will only be implemented after NERSA’s approved Guidelines have been received. The consumer will stay on his existing tariff and the following will also be applicable:
E18A2 Feed-in Tariff c 61.16 70.34


For more information, complete guideline and all forms, click on:

Enquiries in this regard can be addressed to the Electricity Department of the Municipality at Tel 028 384 8358 (Gansbaai/Stanford) / 028-316 2630 (Hermanus/Kleinmond)

Email: enquiries@overstrand.gov.za

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