The Effects of Poaching on our Africa


There is no doubt that poaching is big business.  Why else would they take the risks they do to kidnap or kill and then sell off parts of animals? Just 1 pound of ivory fetches a whopping $1 500!

The poaching problem has been going on for years in Africa and despite great efforts from African Wildlife Authorities, the war rages on. 

Who is being affected:

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Why do they do it?

Money, clearly! But, more specifically, these are the animals that suffer.


The rhino horn is believed to treat cancer, hangovers, fever and impotence.


The ivory of the tusks is made into jewellery, trinkets, religious ornaments and utensils, fetching often over $1000 on the black market.


Their babies are kidnapped and sold for sometimes up to $40000.


Their skins are very popular, made into clothing, bags and other accessories.  Their meat is also very sought after.


Mostly, they are killed for sport (a trophy) and because if they live close to humans or other animals, the farmers kill them to protect.

What does this mean for our wild African animals?

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Animalsure’s wildlife insurance policy

How do we cover poaching through our policy?

We understand that poaching is a real risk, and so we have cover, so long as the animals are insured on the policy, have a microchip fitted, and after 14 days exclusion period.  Terms and Conditions apply as per our policy wording.

To inquire about our cover, connect with us today.  We have one of the most comprehensive covers on the market.

Animalsure – supporting anti-poaching


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