How to help your staff build more confident lives


What does it mean to find HERO within self?

In a corporate environment overseeing staff, it means someone they can look up to and aspire to, but also a way for them to be HERO too.

The HERO status, stands for:

H ope

E fficacy

R esilience

O ptimism

The 4 elements are core values of PsyCap (Psychological Capital – a source for all things around psychology).

The first element, HOPE – believing that people are capable is the first step within an organisation and further investing in those people aiming for a positive outcome for all – goal setting and motivation play a role here.

EFFICACY – the belief that what we do can produce good effects is where this all starts – a good leader will know how to tap into this with their staff

RESILIENCE – angling the goal towards facing reality, searching for meaning and improvising will build resilience

OPTIMISM – this is about focus change and making the most of the situation at hand to better the future

To explore how you can be more of HERO to your employees and that they can be HERO too, catch up with Linda Remke, the founder and one of the Mentor Coaches within Valueneurs. Linda Remke specialises in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Personal & Business Branding, Life and Transformational Coaching. 

Valueneurs is a coaching platform where Mentor Coaches are available to individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporates.

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