Healthy in a Jar! Try Jar Bar in Cape Town!


When it comes to fast food, one always gets a little nervous about what the nutritional value is in each meal. Will it be healthy? Will I get my daily quota? You know you need instant gratification, so the don’t-have-time-to-make-lunch / grab-a-meal on-the-go attitude reigns, and so you choose the nearest option.  The nearest option often … Read moreHealthy in a Jar! Try Jar Bar in Cape Town!

Krystal Restaurant

krystal restaurant

Krystal Beach Hotel The Krystal Beach Hotel on Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay, is a local landmark. One of the largest buildings in the area, the hotel is spacious, contemporarily decorated and designed to enjoy the northwest view across the small boat harbour. There are a number of restaurants and pubs in the hotel and on … Read moreKrystal Restaurant